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Construction Security

Construction SecuritySuperintendents and project managers at construction sites are primarily interested in controlling access to their site, securing their trailers, their materials and equipment. Construction site security guards will use access control logs to ensure that only authorized personnel enters the site. Additionally they will frequently patrol the site to ensure that potential perpetrators know there is security on site and look for an easier target.

Metroguard field supervisors will visit the construction site twice per eight hour shift to ensure that the construction security guards are performing their duties to client's expectations. They will also download data from the GuardScan system, which utilizes magnetic tags positioned around the property, which creates a magnetic time print when swiped. That will ensure that security guards are frequently patrolling the site. In the morning the superintendent will receive daily activity reports explaining all activities that took place at night and any unusual events that might have taken place.

Metroguard chooses their staff rigorously ensuring that their construction security guard possesses the skills deemed necessary including flawless written and verbal communication, fitness and professional appearance. In case our client’s security needs change one of the security consultants will be the direct contact person for our clients. The security consultant will ensure that changes are enacted promptly and to our client's satisfaction.

Metroguard has taken over the security of many construction sites from our competition and clients have complimented us on our professionalism, our attention to detail and our understanding of their security needs. Metroguard employees from management to security guard will think outside the box and will go the extra mile to ensure that our client’s receive the best service possible. Metroguard will also provide trailer security guards or guard shacks.